No More Dieting- Learn to Lose Weight the Fun & Healthy Way

If you’re tired of going on diet after diet, only to feel stuck right where you are, you’re not alone! You’re in the right place to get out of the frustrating diet cycle.

I'm Sarah, Ex- Dieter and Future Registered Dietitian

You’ve spent years trying to find the perfect diet. Each one feels perfect in the beginning, right? You lose weight, feel great, then it gets hard.

Hard might be the understatement of the century.

Finally,  you cave. Eat all the “bad foods” and feel hopeless, but at least not hungry. All the weight comes back and you eventually throw all of your energy into the next diet that just has to work this time. 

This used to be me, too. 

If you can think of a diet, I’ve tried it.  The better part of my high school years was spent on and off any diet I thought would “work”.   I was desperate to lose weight and feel good in my body. The funny thing was, with each diet I felt worse and any weight I lost came back as fast as it went away. Just like you, I thought something was wrong with me for another failed diet.  

Finally, enough was enough. I knew there had to be a better way and threw myself into nutrition studies. I came to realize why I wasn’t keeping the weight off (and why I felt miserable with each and every diet). 

“Spoiler alert: It’s not your fault diet’s don’t work.”

Understanding how our bodies and metabolism work and the psychology around eating and dieting was a game-changer. 

After years of studying and countless hours observing other dietitians and their practice, I learned what works, what doesn’t, and the strategy to help you succeed. I’m here to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and learn to lose weight while having fun. Forget feeling deprived and frustrated, you can toss your dusty diet books off your bookshelf and into the trash. With my guidance and support, you’ll learn to create true lifestyle changes that lead to sustainable weight loss while still allowing you to enjoy life (and good food!). 

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